Friday, 28 April 2017

Renée Zellweger

Mirrors 2 (2010)

When a young man, who is recovering from a traumatic accident, takes a job as a nighttime security guard, he begins to see visions of a young mysterious woman in the store's mirror.

More straightforward (and simpler) plot than the first installment effectively sets the supernatural in service of a crime mystery.

Ingrid Bergman and Isabella Rossellini

Mirrors (2008)

An ex-cop and his family are the target of an evil force that is using mirrors as a gateway into their home.

The movie pushes its narrative forward with urgency, but Sutherland's performance is over-the-top, and in the end it's nothing more than another plain old ghost story. 

Maltin**: "Pretty lame attempt at horror bungles what could have been a decent psychological tale of a man in crisis."

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

The Way of War (2009)

A target of his own country due to the volatile knowledge he now possesses, a highly trained government assassin attempts to stay out of the crosshairs long enough to expose the truth and ensure that justice is served.

The movie has some pretensions about saying something about war and does have a slow, brooding atmosphere, but the narrative is full of ellipses and quite incoherent.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Le sang d'un poète (1932)

New acquisition: Frank Zappa A Token of His Extreme

Love & Friendship (2016)

The Learning Tree (1969)

The story, set in Kansas during the 1920s, covers less than a year in the life of a black teenager, and documents the veritable deluge of events which force him into sudden manhood.

Basically a simple and nostalgic coming-of-age story, the movie is expertly staged and photographed and has a sharp eye for the racism in everyday life.

Halliwell*: "Despite its semi-autobiographical nature, the prevailing tone is nostalgic and almost elegiac; the past, despite its racism, is recollected with affection."

Maltin**1/2: "Parks called virtually every shot in brilliantly photographed but surprisingly mild version of his autobiographical novel...Film's appeal lies more in its intentions than in what it actually accomplishes."