Friday, 15 January 2016

Basic (2003)

A DEA agent investigates the disappearance of a legendary Army ranger drill sergeant and several of his cadets during a training exercise gone severely awry.

Well-made thriller with a good cast disappoints with an unexpected twist ending turning the whole plot topsy-turvy.

Halliwell (no star): "Ludicrous military thriller, set in murky jungle and heavy rain so that it is often difficult to see what is happening; nor is it possible to understand, since sense and logic are thr first casualities of its twisting narrative."

Maltin**: "Essentially a whodunit, this film keeps adding layers of confusion so that it becomes less interesting as it goes along! The final "twist" seems to negate the entire story, like a bad shaggy-dog joke. Travolta is in great form, however."

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